Saturday, January 13, 2018

Reasons for choice of place to eat out.

I regret the loss of Lisa's, the best place in Ealing. But what do you look for when eating out? Someone regretted the loss of Lisa's as it is one of the few independent non-chains eateries. I have never considered that a factor. I disliked big companies as employers ever since I worked for Boots. Never again. You are too easily expected to sell your soul to the company store. I almost always worked for small independent pharmacies or chains. But for a place to eat I rank in importance

1. The food - any cuisine. My tastes are catholic.
2. Value for money.- Yorkshire upbringing, Scottish blood
3. Service.- swift, polite, eager to please
4. Atmosphere - if any music unobtrusive, not too noisy at other tables, enough light to read the menu
4. Portion size which links to 2. North of England better than south.
5. Accessibility/parking
6. Drinks menu - is always expensive but I want real ale and if no draught do not chill the bottled bitter
7. Menu in English if in UK. and waiters who understand and speak it.
8. Cleanliness which I take for granted.
9. Doggy bag if requested.

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