Saturday, January 27, 2018

Diary w/e 27 Jan 18

Sun 21st Jan

Sunday I did so well with my sabbath off the computer that I did not even check on the cricket score. I was not at my wide awake best in church but we had special visitors there and to lunch, missionary members who work in a very hard field. It was a joy to have them and their four well behaved children who are a credit to their parents and a good advert for home schooling. Great time over our tandoori chicken lunch with conversation ranging far and wide but especially on Islam and mission, race and politics.

Mon 22 Jan

My dental extractions at Ealing Hospital proved worse in anticipation than actuality. There in 30 minutes by bus. Seen 15 minutes late for half an hour to extract three teeth or parts of three on the right of the mouth. One left to do on the left I will not now have such dread over especially if I have the same dentist next time. Young, female and efficient. The only pain was the local anaesthetic being injected. Extractions accomplished with stitches to stop bleeding. Home within three hours of leaving. Cooking sausage and been casserole now in the slow cooker for dinner.

Tues 23 Jan

Excellent Ealing Lunchtime Talk by Gethin Jones, his second in his series of the Bible in 80 minutes. Today, Gen 2-3, The Fall. Cooked park casserole which is enhanced by apple cooked therein.

Wed 24 Jan

A most enjoyable pastoral visit of two and a half hours with our elderly Kenyan member. He has a masters in linguistics and would like to borrow my academic papers from the Yorkshire Dialect Society.
Blessed in house group on 1 Sam 9-10. Tried not to be led down bypath meadow by donkeys.

Thur 25 Jan

Hand held scanner arrived and once again a product without a manual in box or online. Arranged contract to have two new windows replacing the only ones not double glazed. Cooked spaghetti carbonara. Evening at the Drayton Court. Burns Night with six different whiskys and four matching cheeses.

Fri 26 Jan

I honestly report this has been the morning after the night before, unusual for me. Ealing Hospital Eye OPD. With travel over three and a half hours. All is as before. No change for better or worse which is what I expected.
Drayton High School PTA quiz. We had two tables from our church. About 100 parents, students and friends. Out table was last but one in the scores. Credit to the quiz masters for being original and with rounds the students would be better at than we oldies. But two rounds on pop music was too much. My general criticism of quizzes, local or in the the they are wholly secular and dominated by popular culture. I want literature questions that do not concentrate on modernity, cinema,  music that is from before the 1970s, pop or classical, history, geography, politics etc.

Sat 27 Jun

Katy drove me to The Evangelical Library, Bounds Green for my first day of volunteering since September last. She insists I do not drive at present. In the evening it was walk, tube and bus home to see the end of the amazing Newport County 1 Spurs 1. Will I get a ticket for the replay at Wembley?

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