Thursday, January 18, 2018

The changing world (39) Sep - Oct 1975

4th Lunch at Kabwir with radishes. TEE planning there. To Boi overnight in Zamko landcover. The road, or rather track there very rough.
5th Landcover broke down and I had to walk and taxi back to Langtang after meeting with Lere leaders concerning TEE.
6th With Pater Clark and Brian Boddy to repair and retrieve the landcover.
8th To Vom for Katy's antenatal then Miango working on TEE manuscript.
10th Foron and Fobir TEE teachers meeting at Bukuru. Staying in Jos.
12th Fobir district church council in a car which stuck in the mud.
13th Back to Langtang which feels sticky after Plateau.
14th Church in Hausa in the morning. Lunch at Zamko with Clarks. Preached at Langttang.
15th Marmalide making. Gardening here a flop.
18th To Vom in anticipation of new arrival.
19th Bible school committee in Jos approved the TEE plans. Complimented on my Hausa .
20th Reading John Boer's work on the history of SUM. Papers for his doctoral thesis from Amsterdam.
21 Katy's waters broke 6:30 By 9:30 contractions so into private ward at Vom with me out again to look after the boys.
22 3:45am woken with news of 7ib 4oz Rachel Joy.All announcements sent. Boys missing their mother.
23rd Rachel feeding well. Jonathan thrilled but David wants his mother home.
26th To Jos for Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship TEE committee. Appointed to lead Hausa translation of the next book chichis on evangelism. These books were a co-operative venture in simple English for Africa.
27th To Panama for TEE on motorbike. To Jos in a trust taxi then Vom by car. To Mango to get a TEE MS on NT introduction then back to Vom.
29th To Panama on Honda then to daft for TEE but dave up part way as mud was impeding the Honda. Panama pastor keen to start TEE.
30th Katy out of hospital and we moved to the luxury of the Anglican's St Piran's vicarage in Jos.
Oct 1st Murtala the head of state announces civilian rule planned for 1979. Saw this on vicarage TV our first in Nigeria.
Oct 2 Katy not well but we have a good cook.
Oct 3 Good reception at Foron DCC with TEE plans.
4th Registered the birth in Jos.
5th Took boys to our Jos church wither 2000 there.
6th Muslim public holiday. Completed TEE book on NT intro so ready for printers or rather type setting.
7th Packing at the vicar for return of Dominys. Move to SUM HQ, a step down..
9th Back home to Langtang via Panama DCC.
12th 96F and sticky.
13th To Boi bt landcover then cycle to Marti. hard ride but enthusiastic men for TEE.
14th backhoe to Langtang then returned to landcover to zamko in exchange for our car.
15th David Molyneux of Faith and farm visited. he would like to transfer to TEE.
17th To Panama. Leaders agreed 16 centres for TEE with one teacher per centre. Teachers are evangelists or pastors and I and Enid Crane will teach the teachers.
18th To Daffo where four centres and two teachers are planned.
20th David's third birthday. Clarks came to celebrate. Local boys can be troublesome when they come to play and one toy car is missing.
22nd Working on TEE teachers guidebook.
31 Dry season brings less humidity now.

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