Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The questions never asked - BBC get real.

One great frustration I have with the media is the failure to ask the relevant question. This morning Radio 4's Today programme had an informative discussion on current events in Iran. Protests or riots? That may depend on you perspective on Iran like are those violent men in another country freedom fighters or terrorists. Did this start as a protest against deteriorating economy or protesting a repressive regime? The answer given was it started with economic protests but then the enemies of the regime encouraged riots. Who are those opposing the regime? People in Iran generally are too scared/repressed to initiate protests/riots. It is enemies outside of Iran in the West. Two questions weren't addressed. These enemies outside of Iran, are they Iranian exiles or Westerners or governments opposed to/hating Iran. It seemed to be assumed that it was non-Iranians. Exile organisations were not examined. But most significant of all there was no consideration given to the antics of those across the world who hate Shi'a Iran, the Sunni Muslim world. Who hates Iran with a passion greater than any from Trump? The Saudis. Why? Salafi/Wahhabi Islam brooks no dissent. All who are not of their ilk are enemies and heretics whether Muslim or not. It dos not matter. Kill them all. That is why Islamists have killed more Muslims than they have non-Muslims. If we are not of their faith we ae kuffirs - cursed - and that includes other Muslims who dissent from them especially Shi'as.
   So when the BBC tells me the disturbances in Iran are being encouraged by people outside of Iran who know how to use electronic media, why does the BBC not ask about Islamaic State or any other Islamist grouping expert in using the ways of cyberspace to spread their hatred and lies? Of course Trump wants the Iranian regime overthrown. You do not need to be American to hate post-Khomeini revolutionary Iran. I recall there was a man in Iraq who even went to war with Iran. (No he was not an Islamist or even a keen Muslim) but he was Sunni hater of Iran.
   So I do not know who if anyone is encouraging and fomenting dissent/riots in Iran. I do know the regime has a bigger enemy than a few people in the West. Wake up BBC.

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