Monday, January 22, 2018

The right to protest to be curtailed as a pro-choice virtue?

Ealing Council has voted for a public consultation on plans to ban protests outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic using a public spaces protection order (PSPO). The Good Counsel Network has been present for over 23 years outside the clinic without the police ever needing to intervene.
   23 years takes us back to 1995. I worked down the road from this leading abortion provider between 1993 and 1998. The abortions started before that IIRC and there have been various protests outside. I joined in in peaceful protest before 1993. The only law breaking I recall is when a protester trespassed inside to clinic but I cannot recap if this was merely a civil offence of trespass or a criminal charge of something more.
   I will be responding to the public consultation as I regard the imposition of a PSPO as an unwarranted restriction on the free speech of pro-life protesters. I believe the pro-lifers have been slandered in media coverage. It has been said that they intimidate women coming to the clinic and that they block the road. 23 years and the police never needed so why a PSPO demanded? The police can deal with intimidation if it happens. Where is the evidence other than the subjective views of those happy with abortion provision? The local paper has reported accusations of the road being blocked. Nonsense. Have you seen how wide it is? Of course images of unborn children that may be aborted are shocking. But that is the point. The child in the womb is a living person not a mere extension of the mother's body over which she has absolute rights. Does the presence of the protesters distress those coming to the clinic? I hope so. Abortion kills babies. That is distressing. The pro-choicers say it does not murder babies. If that is true then the pro-lifers are talking nonsense and can be ignored. But of course they do distress women wanting abortion and rightly so. They are also able to offer alternatives to abortion. Does Marie Stopes do that or are they there for the money?
   The local paper has been a keen advocate of the pro-abortion local MP. It failed to report the case of a man who came to abort, received a leaflet from protesters, fled the clinic and friends who had brought her and now is the happy mother of a three year old. So the protesters have saved life. But the local paper will not report it.
   I also note that no councillor protested against the proposed restriction when it was debated in council.There are times I regret I lost my seat on the council in 1998. I would have spoken out unlike the present silent Conservative councillors. I have no regrets that I resigned from their party soon after I lost my seat for they have stopped being the party of  the family and Christian ethics. Obviously no local councillors have the Christian ethics of Rees-Mogg.

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