Saturday, January 20, 2018

Diary w/e 20 jan 18

Sunday 14 Jan

We had a very memorable morning service. In the middle of his sermon on Mat 3, Jesus's baptism, Paul stopped and called for help. An elderly member had slumped in her chair. Paul led in prayer for her as our medically qualified members came to her aid, one consultant cardiologist and three nurses. Strong men carried the unconscious lady out on the chair in which she was seated. later one came back and said it was a faint not a stroke. Paul finished the sermon and as we left the patient was in an attending ambulance. In the evening we learnt she was resting at home and had not needed hospital admission.
   I cooked chicken jambalaya for lunch with eight visitors. We were the appointed members for lunchtime hospitality. Four of our eight were family who brought some of their own food so we had roast pork too. With Katy providing three deserts it was a feast.
   Evening service at Dean Hall. Paul gave a memorable children's talk on foundations before Gethin preached what IIRC was his 11th and penultimate. sermon on 1 John

Mon 15 Jan

Good news at the leg ulcer clinic. Ulcers healed both legs and they are the same size, that is, after about 15 years the lymphoma post-cellutis has gone.
After ridiculous insurance quotes for USA I have found a firm that will exclude pre-existing conditions for a fraction of the price that others quote.

Tues 16 Jan

I have found that two of my work experience students became pharmacists. I did not encourage them but it is satisfying to know I helped two young British Asian ladies become professionals.
Another good news day. Car insurers who have not refunded our excess from March and not corresponded since June have apologised with £150 ex gratia compensation and seem hopeful about the excess. I had threatened never to renew with them.
Excellent Ealing Lunchtime talk at the Town Hall. Gethin Jones first talk of four on the Bible in 80 minutes. So we had creation. The world is divided between the oneists and the twists. We considered creation, climax and call and how we respond as oneists or twoists. Do you see a distinction between creator and creation or is it all one?
Pastoral visit to a member struggling with memory loss/dementia. Her faiths is an encouragement to any visitor.

Wed 17 Jan

U3A history here on India and Partition. We will do it again next month as we want more research on India before the Raj as the source of the conflict together with the rise of Sikhism. Encouraging house group on 1 Sam 8 . God is the king to reign over us.

Th 18 Jan

Started to get quotes for replacing our only two windows that are not double glazed. Ealing Hospital dentistry says I should have four teeth out and it will be at least two extraction appointments. I am having this in hospital as I am on anti-coagulants. The advantage to me is no fees payable in hospital unlike the local NHS dentist. Excellent lunch at Cafe Rouge , Ruislip with Littles, a vegetable tagine.

Fri 19 Jan

New blinds sorted by the installers. Two out of five were dropping when raised. Our excellent plumber serviced our central heating. I never knew he was from Yorkshire. He is from Rotherham but does not want to own up to it. Sad and a very sad reason nothing to do with real Tykes.
It took a while to calculate but I have the evidence that this house should not be placed in council tax band F and have put in an official appeal for reduction back to band E. When I found out where to do it the Valuation Office Agency were very helpful over the phone and reckon I have a good case using the official government figures for a property like this in 1991 when the valuation banding was done.
   Third quote for two new windows.

Sat 20 Jan

Kept waiting an hour due to inefficient booking in at Central Middlesex. Urologist offered botox injections which not without drawbacks but would get me off two drugs so I will give it a go. Doctor, Afghan, nurse Ghana and Sri Lanka. Car insurance cheaper to move providers via the Meerkats - over 20% cheaper. Cooked butter chicken for dinner.

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