Friday, January 12, 2018

Jonathan Edwards would say we are now in the millennium!

In 1904 the Sudan United Mission sent its first men to Wase in then Northern Nigeria. There were no Nigerian Christians for several hundred miles. Now there are millions in our churches alone and they have Nigerian missionaries in eight other African countries and in England too. Nigeria has proportionately for population many more Christians than in UK, more Anglicans than the Church of England.
' It is promised, that heathenism shall thus be destroyed in many places.God has said, That the gods that have not made these heavens and this earth, shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens, Jer.x. 11. and that he will utterly abolish idols, Isa. ii. 18.--Then shall the many nations of Africa, who now seem to be in a state but little above the beasts, and in many respects much below them, be visited with glorious light, and delivered from all their darkness, and shall become a civil, christian, understanding, and holy people. - Jonathan Edwards, A HISTORY OF THE WORK OF REDEMPTION, 1776

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