Saturday, August 23, 2014

Update from Nigeria.

The attack on Gwoza was vicious when thousands stormed the town and most of the Christians managed to get out in various ways and only about 10 to 20 were killed as far as reports we are getting. The Moslems thought they would be alright but we hear about 1000 were killed and it was the women who were burying them because of the stench in the town. The Boko Haram was annoyed that the Muslims had given their sons to be vigilantes so this was retaliation. No houses were burnt as the Boko Haram have now taken over the town and set up their flags and put in a new Emir. The old Emir and another leader miraculously escaped and climbed the hills and ran for miles along the rocks and then came down at Madagali and were able to get to Abuja about 700 miles away. So many others had to do the same but stayed in Adamawa State.

Those who fled are now in Adamawa State and further afield but 23rd Aug we now hear they are attacking one of the towns (Madagali) and so the poor people are on the run again. B/H has said they will go to the other towns in Adamawa and then back to Maiduguri. They have captured the Mobile Police training school at Limankara and killed a lot of trainees and many are missing.Soldiers have tried to take back the land but many have been killed and what can a few hundred do when B/H are in their thousands.

While all this was going on, Yobe State was being attacked again. A Bridge was blown up so folks from Buni Yudi are cut off from Damaturu.

15th August, 100 men were kidnapped from Doron Baga a place NE 0f Maiduguri but were captured by Chadian soldiers on Lake Chad and returned to Nigeria. These were Muslim men being taken to another country for forced training.

19th In Lagos a lame suicide bomber was caught at the airport.

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