Thursday, August 07, 2014

NIGERIA – Militant attack on Kaduna church leaves one dead, several injured

One man died and several other people were seriously injured when Fulani militants attacked a church in a mainly Christian area of north-central Nigeria on Sunday.

The gunmen raided the church in Ungwar Poppo village in Kachia, in the south of Kaduna state, at 8am. A young man who was guarding the church was killed and several in the congregation were injured, some seriously.

Villages in the predominantly Christian southern part of Kaduna have experienced frequent attack by Fulani gunmen in recent years.

On 14 March, a total of 147 people were killed and 285 homes and three churches were destroyed when militants armed with guns, chemical explosives and machetes attacked three villages in the Kaura area (Prayer Alert, March 18). The increasingly sophisticated weapons and tactics used by these herdsmen has led some to believe they are being equipped by Islamist terrorists Boko Haram.

(Source: CSW)

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