Friday, August 15, 2014

More bad news from Nigeria

On the 11th the report was that on Saturday 9th a warning was sent to all women and children to leave Gwoza town or face attack. Militants were reported as arriving with hijabs and food supplies for younger women and girls. It was not clear what happened. (There is no mobile telephone network so news only gets out when someone travels or goes into Cameroon.)

13th reports said BH insurgents have occupied the town and raised their flags on the Emir's Palace and the LGA Secretariat. They have installed one of their number as Emir of Gwoza.

On the 14th it was reported that Jalin village around Lamingo (very near Jos) was attacked and 2 killed. Plateau State had been quite for several months.

Today, 15th, about 100 men, young and old, have been abducted from Doron Baga village near Lake Chad in Borno. These may have been drugged and forced as recruits for the BH (this kind of thing has happened a number of times, even busses being stopped and people drugged and abducted). This report is also on BBC Africa service.

And then there's the Ebola crisis in Lagos and West African countries.
Lord, help us keep our focus on You and not give up.

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