Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Holiday in Scotland - Day 4 - Lost in the woods

A beautiful day as the wind in the east kept away any rain. ( I am writing this early next morning in bright sunshine too but the midges are in the air around me. I am hoping they do not like pipe smoke.) After lunch at Whiting Bay Katy and I set off for the Glenishdale waterfalls. It was a gentle incline up a bridle way but when we entered the woods we went astray. The pines were tall and thin but their debris obscured what was now a mere path. In fact we could see no path. We saw the falls in the distance but could not find the way to them. The way was blocked by fallen trees and steep slopes. We were lost. But seeing some walkers we shouted to them and they told us where to head for the path, only it was not the way to the falls but the way we had come up. So no falls for us and I realised that I no longer had my O.S. map which was borrowed from Ealing Library. So on our return I will have to own up and pay up. Earlier in the day I chatted with a Glaswegian couple who were firmly no voters for the coming referendum. We saw a couple of Yes posters though. The day's photos are on Facebook as usual.

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Anonymous Jennifer said...

Graham, to repel midgies you need a lotion made by Avon called Skin-So-Soft. It is produced & marketed as a moisturiser but has the very useful side-effect of keeping the little beasts away. Should be available in local pharmacies (on Skye I bought it at the vet's!!)
Lovely photos of you holiday :-)

8:30 am  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

I have had this recommended before but still have a stock of Jungle Formula from pharmacy days. The wee beasties are not really biting at present.

9:33 am  

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