Sunday, August 31, 2014

Text from Nigeria 30/8/14

BH warned on Saturday that next month will be a bloody month as they continue to clear their caliphate of infidels. They announced that all remnants of minority religious ethnic people in the whole Gwoza LGA, that includes all Christians and others in the Gwoza hills and beyond as well as the villages on the plain are under attack. Supporters of the caliphate are many, and with almost 500 soldiers having fled into Cameroon and others refusing to fight, the situation is dire for all but the people willing to become BH members.

Please remember the Christians in Maiduguri and around other towns in Borno who although the cities are relatively quiet, there is much fear, rumours and intimidation. Christians in Maiduguri still try to be active although constantly feel under threat. Remember the leaders of Churches like COCIN ECWA QIC, pray for wisdom on handling mission and outreach in the 12 Northern States under Shari’a Law.

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