Thursday, August 21, 2014

Latest news from Borno

There have been ongoing terrible things going on in the Gwoza area confirmed by a call and texts from sources in Nigeria.

Boko Haram attacked the police Mobile Camp at Limankara last week but although the Mobiles were totally outgunned, tear gas was thrown and then the Mobiles fired killing around 300. On Saturday though the contingent of Mobiles were changed and last night the BH attacked again, even using a helicopter overhead, taking the new police totally by surprise - casualties are unknown.

Gwoza town has been totally taken over by the hundreds of BH, and who also have set up camps at Damboa and Buni Yardi. The whole area is almost cut off with bridges being blown up, and is controlled by the BH. There are still hundreds of people trapped in the Hills who can’t escape. Even very elderly and sick people are being forced out of Gwoza, going on carts or wheel barrows, trying to get south to Mubi and onwards. There have been some miraculous escapes, including a brother who was thought to have been killed. There is fear that the BH will advance into Adamawa and even States like Plateau in the Middle Belt. They are using even crippled people and young women to be suicide bombers as happened in Lagos yesterday.

The needs of the destitute displaced people are just enormous.

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