Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Positive and thankful thoughts for 5 days.

A good friend has been posting three positive (thankful) thoughts for 5 days. I will give it a try and invite friends to join this positive exercise.

1. Married 45 years and one day to she who is 'more precious than rubies'
2. Hearing the Word expounded and applied by two talented young men today, morning and evening at IPC.
3. Freedom under law here in UK, when so many Christians are persecuted by lawless evildoers.

Day 2
1. Great visit from a Nigerian pastor and his wife who are in London as missionaries to do an international church plant.
2. Encouraged by spending the evening in pastoral visitation.
3. News that our best friends now have their 16th grandchild.

Day 3

1. Good visit to a family working full time in a very holistic way evangelising Muslims.

2. A great Thai curry for lunch.

3. Blessed with enough so no need for anxiety in material concerns.

day 4

1. A church member I visited in hospital is seeing some improvement.

2. Encouraging church prayer meeting.

3. New Mac Mini arrived. Belated birthday present for Katy.

Day 5

1. A great lunch with Rachel's in laws. Can't beat a French restaurant for cheese.

2. Debbie sat up her mum's new Mac mini.

3. Being retired, no work timetable and able to read more.



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