Saturday, August 09, 2014

More news of Boko Haram's evil around Gwoza, Borno State

Things are awful in Gwoza. Hundreds of B/H stormed Gwoza and started to kill and burn property as related in a previous post. Now we are beginning to get more reports of what is happening. Very sadly our relative A*** was killed with 2 of his sons. He was a professing christian but with 3 wives and many children. What will happen to the families we do not know. We are upset but cannot go to Gwoza. We are concerned about other members of the family but we have no news of them. One of the Pastors that was trained by a church in Sheffield is the Pastor of Gwoza Church but we have no news of them. Another Rev tained by the same church is trying to leave a village nearby. We talked to him today but how he will get out of the area we do not know.

Some of our christians have either been killed or kidnapped. The B/H flag was put up outside the Chiefs Palace. Gwoza has been coquered by B/H. The soldiers try but it is beyond there ability to do much as they are outnumbered. We are grateful that the Mobile Police at Limankara , when attacked were able to defend themselves in their camp and killed over 300 B/H. Those who were left went back in there numbers to Gwoza burning villages on the way and carried on killing in Gwoza and we heard they are killing women and children.

As there is no phone network it is hard to find out exactly what is happening. Thanks for your prayers. It is hard for us to believe what is happening but we praise God for contact with some who have escaped.

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