Thursday, August 07, 2014

News from friends in Nigeria - far worse than media reports

30th July a bridge in Yobe State was blown up and 29th July a bomb blast in Potiskum (Yobe State) killed 13 and at least 35 injured. 40 teenage suicidal bombers entered Maiduguri but PTL they were caught.

31st July Gavva (a village next to Ngoshe Glavda) was threatened and food and cattle were taken. The people, who had started to return to the plains fled to the hills again. The soldiers come from time to time but the people still live in fear.

Hawal LGA has come under attack and churches burnt. (South Borno State.)

30th July Female suicide bomber killed 2 and injured 8 at Kano Polytech.

Hundreds from the Jukan tribe in Taraba State had to flee to Wase LGA as the Fulani attacked the area.

2nd August a District head, a Moslem,and others killed in Soro ,Bauchi State.

3rd August People taking bombs into a Church in Jos were caught.
Azare,Bauchi State. A lot of ammunition was found and a man caught who was involved in intended attacks.

4th On the news we heard that B/H are going to attack all the Barracks. Also they say the will attack the Ibo towns (East Nigeria.)

Within the last week 12 Policemen were killed on patrol in Borno State.

5th Since 4pm Gwoza has been under attack

7th Latest news of Gwoza. The B/H have killed over 100 people and no one is able to bury them. The Hospital(Initially the SUM hospital), Chiefs Palace, Secretariat(the local Gov building) and Police Station were all burnt, but we don’t know how badly. No one is allowed into Gwoza and there is no network.The soldiers are trying to retake Gwoza but B/H are emptying people’s houses and going into the Sambisa Forest. We know of one of our Pastors has been killed.

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