Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to cyclothymia.

He is manic depressive.
You are bipolar.
I am cyclothymic.

According to my new local psychiatrist I am cyclothymic not bipolar for I have not been so afflicted as to stop working. Methinks this nomenclature is a mere linguistic judgement rather than a reflection of an objective reality. After all what is a diagnosis of schizophrenia other than saying the person concerned has a certain set of symptoms? You are what you are. You are not necessarily on the inside what some 'expert' labels your can.

I was asked why I had gone so many years without seeking the help of his profession.

1. Pride and stigma. One should be able to cope. One is not mentally ill.

2. Lack of trust in psychiatry, especially advice from a professional who does not understand the spiritual and treat the whole person. Also I had read that psychotherapy had no better clinical outcome than taking a placebo or doing nothing.

3.Pharmacists are adverse to drug taking. It is more blessed to give than to receive.. If you might be alcoholic it is best not to imbibe when working in a bar.



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