Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do not mention race.

I read on a local forum of a shopkeeper who had apprehended a mugger. Someone commented,
But' I really don't think it helped to describe the alleged mugger as "Afro Caribbean".'

Why is it that people want to keep mention of ethnicity out of some things? Yet we have a whole race relations/equalities industry doing unnecessary work with pointless questionnaires, statistics etc etc. I had some building work done and the Planning Department wanted to know my ethnicity. I told them it was irrelevant but the chimney removed had been black.

Yet when the ethnicity of someone is mentioned it is decried.To report on ethnicity does not imply any causal link. It is merely part of the description of an individual.

I am happy to be, in no particular order., an English male Christian - and my sexual orientation is none of your business.

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