Sunday, August 14, 2011

Schaeffer and Van Til

Those with an interest in apologetics often ask what is the difference in the approach of these two Reformed giants.

The late Ed Clowney was present when Van Til and FAS met at Westminster. He told me there were no significant differences between them, I read VT just before FAS's first book was published. VT gave me a perfect critique of any non-Christian position but left me with nothing to say to challenge the infidel. FAS taught me to challenge them where their philosophy and their living mere dissonant. I have found this to be helpful with all manner of people. So with a Muslim you point out their failure to live uo to Islamic standards - having them tell you what those are first of all. To me this inconsistency of living approach is what the Reformed call preaching The Law. Find out what is the infidel's Law and go from there. (I prefer infidel to unbeliever as all have faith in something).

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