Monday, August 08, 2011

Avoiding Responsibility for Riots and Looting

A peaceful demonstration was hijacked.
We did not get answers from the police.
People came in from outside.
The heart has been ripped out of the community.

One sympathises with those who have suffered in the Tottenham riots. But I am appalled by the comments above which I am hearing in news reports. Blame the police, blame outsiders. Blame others. The only people not yet blamed seem to be Arsenal fans.

This is brutal LAWLESSNESS followed by blatant BLAME SHIFTING. It is self harming behaviour.

Prize daft comment - ‎'Norma Jones, 48, who works in human resources, said she saw people of all colours and creeds running along her road carrying carpets looted from a nearby shop.'

Was she carrying out a survey of the beliefs of looters? Perhaps she is merely reflecting her HR training in equal opportunities and inclusiveness.


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