Friday, August 26, 2011

The HD I want to view.

'Dooyeweerd initially made his contribution to political philosophy, in his capacity as a research worker for the Dutch Anti-Revolutionary Party in the 1920s. In that position he came to the conviction that the further philosophical elaboration of the Kuyperian concept of sphere sovereignty could not be truly achieved without a much wider theoretical investigation that probed the basis of scientific and theoretical reflection itself. He thus began his scholarly attempt to give a coherent and systematic account of the general characteristics of creational diversity, the conditions that make theoretical thought possible thereby providing a systematic philosophical account of the dependence of all scientific reflection upon religious belief. Thus, what began as an attempt to provide a scientific account of why no one area of societal responsibility (incl. that of the state) should seek to maintain or control human activity outside its limited competence, broadened considerably as he elaborated his explanation of the structure and limits of science and theoretical reflection. The full impact of Dooyeweerd's political philosophy still needs to be assessed in terms of his contribution to the "science of law" (jurisprudence) which assessment is currently being undertaken by scholars who carry on with this same project.'

See Roger D Henderson Illuminating Law: the construction of Herman Dooyeweerd's Philosophy 1918-1928 (PhD thesis VU 1994)

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Good and brief explanation. I hope our mental capacities expand in heaven.

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