Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The hassle renewing my pharmacist registration

Yesterday I received notification of the necessity of annual renewal of registration. In the good old days one sent off a cheque and that was that.

Now you must do this --

Fitness To Practise Questions Summary
Please find below your answers to the seven questions in the Fitness to Practise matters (Appendix 1).

Question 1:
Has a determination ever been made against you by a regulatory body in the United Kingdom responsible under any enactment for the regulation of a health or social care profession to the effect that your fitness to practise as a member of a profession regulated by that body is impaired, or a determination by a regulatory body elsewhere to the same effect?

Question 2:
Do you currently have any problems with your physical or mental health that may impair your ability to practise safely and effectively or which otherwise impairs your ability to carry out your duties in a safe and effective manner?

Question 3:
Have you previously been convicted or cautioned for a criminal offence in the British Islands or elsewhere (which, if committed in England, Scotland or Wales would constitute a criminal offence) or have you previously agreed to be bound over to keep the peace by a Magistrates’ court in England or Wales?

(Please note that Road Traffic offences in which the person committing the offence has been offered the option of paying a fixed penalty (e.g. certain speeding offences etc) will not be treated as a conviction for the purposes of renewal in the Register and need not be declared).

Question 4:
Have you previously agreed to pay a penalty under section 115A of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 (penalty as alternative to prosecution)?

Question 5:
Are you currently under investigation by any regulatory body (other than the GPhC) or criminal enforcement authority (e.g. police or NHS Counter Fraud Service) in the British Islands or elsewhere?

Question 6:
Have you previously accepted a conditional offer under section 302 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 (fixed penalty: conditional offer by procurator fiscal) or have you previously been subject to an order under section 246(2) or (3) of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 discharging you absolutely (admonition and absolute discharge)?

Question 7:
Have you previously been included by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (also known as the Independent Barring Board) barred list (in England, Wales or Northern Ireland) or the children’s list or adult’s list maintained by the Scottish Ministers?

Appendix 2: Renewal Declaration
As part of your renewal you are required to complete the renewal declaration. The declaration that you will need to complete online or by phone is provided below.

I declare that
1. I am applying for renewal in Part 1 of the Register and I hereby declare that, in accordance with Article 20(3) of the Pharmacy Order 2010, I intend to practise as a pharmacist in Great Britain, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

2. The information that I have provided in this application for renewal is complete, true and accurate. I am also aware that I am under a duty to notify the Registrar of any changes to my name, home address or other contact details within one month starting on the day on which the change occurred.

3. With the exception of matters already notified to the General Pharmaceutical Council, I have and will adhere to the standards relating to conduct, ethics and performance and continuing professional development published by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

4. I have in place appropriate indemnity arrangements.

5. I accept that I am under a duty to notify the Registrar if within the renewal period there is any change in the circumstances relating to the fitness to practise declaration that I have made in Section A within 7 days starting on the day on which the event occurred.

I understand that
6. If the declaration included in this application for renewal is not completed to the satisfaction of the Registrar, my application for renewal will not be processed and I will be deemed to have failed to pay the renewal fee.

7. If I am found to have given false or misleading information in connection with my renewal in the register, this may be treated as misconduct, which may result in my removal from the Register.

Data Protection Act 1998
The GPhC is a data controller registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. The GPhC makes use of personal data to support its work as the regulatory body for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and retail pharmacy premises in Great Britain. Data may be shared with third parties in pursuance of the GPhC's statutory aims, objectives, powers and responsibilities under the Pharmacy Order 2010, the rules made under the Order and other legislation. Personal data may be processed for purposes including (but not limited to) updating the register, administering and maintaining registration, processing complaints, compiling statistics and keeping stakeholders updated with information about the GPhC . Please note that the GPhC will not share your personal data on a commercial basis with any third party.
Fees To Be Paid
£267 Renewal Fee

At this point the screen would not allow me to progress on line. So I tried to do it by phone. I was at a similar stage of an automated process when the same thing happened and I was cut off. On phoning the help line I was eventually told I had successfully renewed.


Here is the inflationary regulatory spiral.

08/12/2010 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 262 + £182 = £444
13/01/2010 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 422
16/01/2009 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 413
06/12/2007 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 395
20/12/2006 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 283
29/12/2005 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 267
04/01/2005 Part 1 - Pharmacist £ 256

In 2010 the regulatory body was split from our professional body (more governmental interference) so fees are now in two parts and this year will total at least £449.

On top of all that I have to prove I am still studying each years.

I registered as a pharmacist 44 years ago in a more trusting world.

The chronic disease of our age is over-regulation caused by lack of trust. There is no cure on offer. In fact most people think all is well and do not know they are sick.

And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” - Mark 2:17

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