Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stand with Christians under attack in Nigeria

“We need your help…”

With these words, an elder of Mazah village appealed for help after his village was attacked by Fulani Muslims on 16 July.

Speaking to a CSW contact about the attacks, which left at least eight people dead and homes burned to the ground, he said, “We are still shocked from the whole event and are frustrated that we are powerless to these attacks…What can we do but depend on God? We need your help. Whatever you can do will be appreciated.”

A village under attack

On 16 July Mazah village in Jos North came under attack by armed Fulani Muslims, leaving an estimated eight people dead and homes burnt to the ground. The number of casualties is still unclear, but children are known to be among those killed and seriously injured.

Like other recent attacks, victims were frightened out of their homes with gun shots, then hacked with machetes. The attackers targeted key members of the community, focusing on the homes of the local councillor, the village head and a pastor.
Reverend Nuhu Dawata escaped with one of his children, but sadly his wife and two other children were killed. His grandson was shot in the foot, thrown in a bathroom and left to die. He was found by the police and taken to hospital, where he is recovering well.

The security forces did nothing

Eyewitnesses reported that although the security forces were called and arrived in time to put an end to the violence, they did nothing, waiting until the violence had ended before they entered the village. Although security forces managed to thwart a subsequent attack on the nearby village of Tajir, local contacts still feel that both the federal and local governments don’t know what concrete steps to take to end the violence, are afraid to tackle the sponsors of the conflicts, and dare not point the finger at those who are really behind the attacks.

Plateau State is reported to be tense following the burials of the victims yesterday. The Plateau State Government has now called for 30 days of prayer and fasting for peace.



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