Saturday, July 17, 2010

A good morning

A great morning hearing a security guard at TVU tell us the Spirit had told him the Holy Spirit was in our church for we are a united people. I told him to join us tomorrow and it was my word to him from the Lord. (He is Pentecostal from Ivory Coast). Then I visited the mosque for over an hour and my photo was taken with some of the leaders there. I told them I would support their planning application and asked them to support our church's too. It looks as if it will be the best building in W Ealing. £6M and not from Saudi money says the English non-Muslim architect. No call to prayer will sound from the minaret. I met the deputy mayor there, John Gallagher, the man who nearly 20 years invited me to address the London Campaign for Homosexual Equality after I had got into politics to oppose such lobbying. It was my most unusual public speaking ever. The second was my first open air sermon. That was in the shadow of the IRA memorial in Galway.

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