Saturday, July 17, 2010

My final visit to T

Back from my final visit to T. He will be deported on Wednesday, unless BA is on strike again. He cannot return for 5 years. Perhaps we will visit him in Hausaland.He hopes to marry soon. I spoke to his fiancee in Nigeria on his mobile. I read I John 1 with him in two Hausa translations and expounded the person and work of Christ. I preached the grace of God loud enough for the guards to hear in English. If I were not a Calvinist I would have asked him to pray the believers prayer. I am sure he would have, but perhaps only in kindness to me. God will irresistably call his elect and I have no business hurrying them. I prayed and we left alone. All other visitors were long gone when visitng closed at 9pm. I left a booklet for the chaplain to give to him tomorow. I could not give it to him myself due to security. It is in Hausa; the testimony of a Muslim who came to Christ.

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