Thursday, July 01, 2010

From Freedom Firm

The Freedom Firm team located a 15 year old West Bengali girl last Wednesday. On Thursday, as the Freedom Firm team was preparing to meet with a high ranking official in one branch of the police, a separate branch went ahead with a raid on the brothel. Our usual process of confirming that the girl is still in the brothel was not followed by the police, as they proceeded with the intervention without our team, which led to the raid being unsuccessful. By noon, when the Freedom Firm team was able to check the brothel, all the girls were gone.

As of the following evening, the girl still wasn’t back in the brothel. Please pray with us that this girl, and other minors in the area, will be found and rescued.

Freedom Firm
78/85 Indu Sadan
Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643 001



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