Sunday, July 18, 2010

More on my last visit to my detainee friend.

I forgot to say, I wore my Hausa robe, a gift from a Muslim lady I have never met except on f/b. That opened conversation with the guards and nominal Christians there too, Nigerian and English. One does not see many of the latter in the place. Next to no English visitors except legal and chaplaincy. Staff and detainees are from all over the wold with 60% of detainees being Muslim. But I was not allowed to wear the hat which goes with the dress for security reasons. but the rule is only religious headgear. Next time I go robed I will say the hat is religious head gear. All Nigerian Muslim men should wear a hat which has no peak. You wear it to pray. A hat with a peak prevents your head from touching the ground. In Hausa a peaked cap or brimmed hat is called, 'refusing prayer'. If it is argued I am not a Muslim, I will ask, what is a Muslim but one who submits to God. I do....through his Son. Wise as serpents.....

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