Thursday, July 15, 2010

AFGHANISTAN: Lobby to protect Muslim background believers

From: "Relay - CSW's weekly email newsletter"

CSW staff have been working to ensure that the protection of Afghan Christians remains on the British Government’s agenda, after video footage recently exposed them publicly in May, drawing vehement opposition and threats on their lives.
Since the original broadcast, further calls from the Kabul-based TV station for the Afghan public to name other Afghan Christians from a Muslim background has greatly endangered members of the Christian community. In Afghanistan’s already precarious security situation, they face daily hardships. The Afghan Constitution is silent on these issues, which means that Shari’a law presides, and Shari’a can be interpreted as requiring the execution of apostates – those converting away from their religion.
We need you to lobby your MP to support EDM 418 – a motion urging the Afghan Government to honour its voluntary commitment to international human rights law, including freedom of religion.
>>> Lobby your MP

NORTH KOREA: EU breakthrough!
Our long-term efforts urging the UN to establish a Commission of Inquiry have seen a breakthrough! The European Parliament has recently supported calls for this important mechanism to be established within the UN, a move that would focus much greater attention on addressing serious human rights abuses in North Korea.
>>> Pray for North Korea

ERITREAN REFUGEES IN LIBYA: thank you for praying
The fast-moving situation of Eritrean refugees in Libya recently saw interventions by the Italian Government, which managed to negotiate a better deal for their welfare. But so far, for the refugees, little has changed. Please take action now so the Libyan authorities will know the world is watching.
>>> Lobby now: write to the Libyan Embassy

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