Tuesday, July 27, 2010

President Obama Accused of Anti-Life Imperialism in Kenya by Christian Democrats

Secret funding by Washington of the 'Yes' vote in Kenya's referendum on a new constitution is nothing less than anti-life American imperialism, according to the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) party. An investigation by three Republican congressmen has revealed how the Obama administration has secretly spent $23 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars in Kenya to fund the campaign "Yes" vote on the proposed constitution, which will enshrine liberal abortion rights.

One of the Congressmen involved, Rep. Chris Smith, has called the spending by Washington ‘U.S. monetary interference in a sovereign nation’s voting process’. In addition, the Obama administration has also promised millions of dollars of extra U.S. government aid and much needed private investment capital for Kenya if they should pass the new constitution. The USAID inspector general has now identified a range of programmes, funded by the Obama administration, which are directly tied to supporting the "Yes" vote.

Dr Tom Rogers from Lincoln is on both the National Executive of the CPA and the National Executive of SPUC, the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child. Criticising the intervention of the Barack Obama administration in the internal affairs of a Commonwealth country, he commented:

"It is tragically ironic that someone who loves to bang on about his roots and humble background in Kenya could have such callous and fatal disregard for the lives of the most vulnerable and helpless Kenyans of all: unborn children. It is also unwelcome that he is shows complete disregard for the right of the Kenyan people to determine their own governance, free from foreign interference”.

The proposed constitution, which will be voted on by Kenyans on August 4, includes language which overturns current Kenyan law prohibiting abortion except to save the mother's life. It would allow abortion when the mother's 'health' is affected by a continuation of pregnancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines "health" to include 'complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.' Kenyan Christians are critical of Section 26 of the proposed Constitution for setting up a mechanism for unrestricted abortion on demand at any time during pregnancy.

Africa has been targeted by international population control groups for legalized abortion despite a 47% drop in Kenyan fertility and projections that show a declining population in the next 50 years.

Dr Rogers added:

"Kenyans will get the worst of both worlds from this draft constitution. Not content with the devastation they have caused to their own western societies, the US and EU are using their wealth and power to export their culture of death across the developing world. From Barack Obama especially, with his administration's lavish behind-the-scenes funding, this is a case of destructive covert-colonialism."

The referendum on the draft constitution comes in the wake of a power-sharing peace agreement between the competing sides of the disputed 2007 Presidential elections in Kenya, which resulted in violent protests which left over a 1,000 dead. The incumbent, President Kibaki of the Party of National Unity, had won a majority, but was accused of election fraud by the main opposition party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), with their Obama-backed candidate, Raila Odinga. International observers reported electoral irregularities by both sides.

Proponents of the new constitution maintain that it will provide greater checks and balances of power and less corruption. However, while open to support of certain of the new constitutional measures, Christians in Kenya have expressed concerns about the way the drafting of the new constitution has been high-jacked by those advancing a liberal secularist agenda, as well as an Islamic minority seeking the imposition of Shariah law on Kenya.

Christians make up 80% of the Kenyan population and opposition to the anti-Christian agenda of the draft constitution has united the churches. However, ‘No’ campaigners have faced violence and intimation. In June, six people were killed by a grenade attack against a peaceful prayer rally held by Christians supporting the ‘No’ campaign in Nairobi.


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