Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday -again Belgrade.

We walked to a Christian charity helping poor Serbians and bought some souveniers and cards they sold. Having thus done some Christmas shopping we took a taxi to the Bohemian quarter and I photographed before we had a coffee/beer break. We walked to and round the excellent ethnographic museum which allowed photographs. Click on the title to see them. Lunch at a good value Serbian restaurant included a 500g mixed grill for under 9ukp, my best ever value. A walk then a taxi back to the flat. En route I stocked up on liquid refreshments for England. Spirits from under 6ukp/L is a bargain. Local wine is about a quarter of our prices too. Back at the flat we packed for the morning, 9am start and an estimated 7+ hours to a hotel in Austria. We will be driven in our hosts Volvo Chelsea tractor; luxury motoring from Serbia through Hungary. I did not need much dinner tonight.

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