Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The European Green Belt

Staying in the same flat as us in Belgrade is an Englishman financed by the UN to develop a green corridor where the Iron Curtain used to be. Sounds a good idea as long as I am not financing it through my taxes. I am only green in recycling and energy saving, and the latter is for economic reasons not environmental ones. I am a global warming sceptic who stamps his foot at the sound of carbon footprints and green taxes or people wanting me to have guilt feelings over flying now that at last I can afford it. I think secularism, Islam and the EUSSR are the big threats, not global warming.

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Anonymous Lee Dudley said...


Some of your taxes via the EU are paying for the delivery of the European Green Belt, but at an individual level I would not think it is a significant proportion at all. By the way the website is at if any of your readers would like to learn more. A pleasure meeting you. Lee

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