Friday, October 09, 2009

Attack on Home Schooling - ACT NOW

'The Consultation on the Badman Report ends 19th October. The Government want to adopt the report, to regulate and register home school parents and children 'to keep the children safe'. I can see a scenario where parents take their children out of school, the local authority go round to investigate, using the powers recommended by Badman to interview the children alone from their parents, get something they can use against the parents, take the children into care and 'free' them for adoption.
Email and oppose the Badman report. You can say:
Putting home-educating parents on a national register is an unwarranted inteference in family life, It is an intrusion for officials to have power to question children without parents being present, There is no evidence at all that home educated children are being abuses, as Badman contends, Parents must retain freedom of choice over their own child's education.' - Christian Voice

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