Sunday, October 18, 2009

From Verona

Yesterday we flew from Gatwick to Verona. Our car left in Epsom to where we shall return by car, our kind son in law took us to catch our plane. BA should have taken us at 12.15. We took off at 1.30. As well as inefficient BA has become mean. One measly packet of nibbles and one drink was all we were given and no bitter to drink. How can BRITISH Airways be British yet only serve lager?

Our good friend Joel met us and took us to their apartment near Verona Airport. There then followed two hours of Skype conference call with associates of our church plant in Romania, callers there and in the US. We have a difficult church and mission situation there but are encouraged to hear of the determination of all concerned to proceede in brotherly love, for church planting in Romania. We will be there on Friday, DV.

After Skype, a good Italian dinner from out hostess, Jessica. We started with big red peppers stuffed with rice and Gorgonzola. Skipping the between courses in this bog but not on our table, we finished with a fine choice of liquid refreshments including one I contributed via Islay. I had been up since 4am so retired in good time well replete despite BA's starvation.

Today has been Lord's Day rest. The church plant has services every other Sunday at present and this is the Sunday they did not meet so we enjoyed a family communion service with the Rinns and their children. Jessica's lunch was a delight, a pasta to start and four great cheeses to end plus a postscript of almond biscuits, Iccantucini, dipped in Muscat then Italian coffee to drink. I was awake enough afterwards to continue enjoying 'Calvin',s Doctrine of the Christian Life', by Ronald Wallace which is an excellent work from his Edinburgh doctrinal thesis. Now supper is coming and tomorrow sight seeing in Verona. Arena here we come.

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