Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday to Bad Homburg

Bas =baths. Spa town. 'In 1888, Bad Homburg became known throughout the German Empire because Kaiser Wilhelm II declared Bad Homburg's Schloss an Imperial summer residence, and later financed the building of the Church of the Redeemer (Erlöserkirche) close by. His mother, too, Victoria, the old emperor's widow — and Queen Victoria's eldest daughter — lived there for several years. King Edward VII was also often a guest. It was he who introduced the Homburg hat and permanent turn-up trousers. He also underwent fasting cures at Homburg 32 times.' I will not be fasting. This was a 400 mile drive in 7 hours. I expected Austrian mountains bur we passed none. From motorway shops Germany looks expensive. This town is where the frankfurst bankers live and we are out to dinner with one of them

Later: Marion is a banker with European Development bank working in Luxembourg and her husband works for the company with the computer which co-ordinates airline tickets world wide. Both are from the former East Germany so illustrate the blessings of the collapse of the evil empire. Our Belgrade host has worked with the wife and was bringing her a painting she bought in Mostar. After we took it to the flat we were treated to an excellent Italian restaurant dinner with good conversation and cross-cultural learning.

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