Monday, April 08, 2019

Rutherford revised (101)

101. For Janet Macculloch  From Aberdeen 20 Feb 1637

Dear sister,- Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I long to hear how your soul prospers.
   I am as well as a prisoner of Christ can be, feasted and fattened with the comforts of God. Christ's kisses are sweeter to my soul than ever before. I would not exchange my Master for all the kings of clay on the earth. Oh my well beloved is altogether lovely and loving and I care not what man may do may do.
   I am persuaded that I delivered the truth of Christ to you. Do not slip from it because of any boasting of fear of men. If you go against the truth of Christ for which I now suffer I will be a witness against you in the day of Christ.
   Sister, grip Christ fast. Do not follow the ways of the sinful world. Do not let this clay part of the earth take up your soul : it is the part of the bastards when you are a child of God; so seek your Father's inheritance. Lift your heart to see the house and rooms in the New City. Shame, shame on those who cry, 'Up with the world and down with conscience and heaven!' We have childish sense and so we cannot prize Christ rightly. Advise your husband and mother to get ready for eternity. That day is drawing near.
   Pray for me the prisoner of Christ. I cannot forget you.
    Your lawful pastor and brother,   S.R. 

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