Monday, April 01, 2019

Diary w/e 30 Mar

Sun 24 Mar

Chris Roberts' final adult Sunday School on Christian liberty asking why people are so keen on rules. Paul Levy on the parable of the dragnet (Mat 13) excellent. Pastoral visit to member in hospital. Preached at the Immigration Removal Centre on the first temptation of Jesus. Smallest congregation ever but included two Poles, one of whom played the drums.

Mon 25 Mar

Went the flat of our church member being discharged from hospital. Sorted out living room and kitchen before the ambulance came and stayed with her until her evening carer arrived. Pleasantly surprised finding the carer is a Christian ferule from Eritrea, RC.

Tue 26 Mar

Missed the lunchtime talks as nowhere to park (I usually go by bus). But on to my pastoral visit where I found the warden on duty at the flats is a Yoruba Christian.

Wed 27 Mar

An unexpected pastoral visit to hospital. Another elderly member admitted after a fall. Pleased to hear he should be discharged with a social care package tomorrow DV. Second cut of the lawn. Ivan and Katerina from Plovdiv, Bulgaria arrived to B&B with us for a week.

Thu 28 Mar

First watering of the garden.

Fri 29 Mar

Pro-Brexit march. From Bishop's Park Fulham to Parliament Square. I fell behind and by Chelsea harbour was cream crackered so took a bus and tube to Westminster. Not helped by wearing my riga on a sunny day. Three people correctly identified me as from Nigeria, two thought Greek Orthodox. Very good natured march and demonstration. Surprised to see Alan Craig as MC on the UKIP stage with Tommy Robinson. Home and slow journey to Cafe Rough Ruislip on a Groupon. But lost the voucher and had to pay full price. Found it two days later and gave to the Littles.

Sat 30 Mar

A productive time for me at the Greenford bookstall this morning.A local Muslim wants the support of Christians against government promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. An opportunity for co-belligerence.

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