Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame on fire

Reaction has been varied. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this is a national icon for the French. I mean they glory in their secularism so to find that a Christian church is their national icon was a pleasant surprise.
   Internet social media had two immediate negative reactions. First it was suspected Muslim terrorism. This seems not to be the case though the desecration of churches in Europe since the advent of widespread Muslim immigration is hardly ever reported.
   Secondly the hard line Protestant reaction at no tears for a shrine of Roman idolatry. Yes it is such a place with regular masses, images etc. To say the most terrible loss is a relic of the true cross is of course Roman folly. The organ is far more important!
   I hold no candle for cathedrals. I am a Presbyterian. Cathedrals are the seats of episcopal bishops, an unwarranted form of church government.
   But this is the epitome of Gothic architecture. A building built to the glory of God and an amazing monument to the dominance of medieval Christian faith and the incredible shills of this architects and masons, carpenters an others. So I mourn with the French the loss of an international treasure which I have never visited.
   I saw Windsor Castle on fire. That was terrible but if it had been Westminster Abbet or St Pail's in flames that would be worse. Ironically the most famous image of St Paul's is of the cathedral surrounds by the flames of the blitz, courtesy of the Luftwaffe. It survived as did the Dom in Cologne when all the city perished in a fire storm from the RAF. I think God loves great buildings done in His name and He keeps them. No I do not believe in holy places. But I treasure special buildings. What Yorkshire man does not boast about t'Minster?
   Perhaps the EU will help them rebuild?

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