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The changing world (152) Jun- Jul 89

Jun 3rd  Session.
4 th         I led for Elliott. Boer family with us.
4 - 11th   Boer family with us. John, Dutch-Canadian CRC missionary was a best friend in Nigeria. He did his doctorate at the Free University Amsterdam on the relationship between our mission and the colonial enterprise. It is published and available He asks if the missionaries were part of the colonial enterprise or critical of it. Then he asks how a wholistic Christian gospel could produce dualism in the church planted. John made me into a fan of Dutch reformed thought, hermeneutics covenantal and Kuyperian politics.
7th          Presbytery
8th          Walford high governors.
11th         Joe led for Elliott.
12th         IPC AGM
15th         European election. I think I voted UKIP. I certainly did later but under Thatcher I may have been Conservative.
17th         With Braithwaites, Oakwood.
18th          Randy Later led for Larry. I preached at night.
19th          Alperton High governors.
22nd         Costons ward conservatives.
25th          Elliott led for me. Brian Boddy with us.
30th          Meeting Conservative ward members. One of our stalwarts was a widow who had been on WW2 ARP duty and seen the land mine that parachuted down on Hodder Avenue destroying many house. The king and queen's subsequent visit is recorded on a fine painting in the borough's art collection.
Jul 1st        ENCA dinner,
2nd            I led for Elliott and preached at night.
4th             Met with Cllr Allen. He was one of three senior councillors to die in office in my first term on the council. I had a party interview before acceptance as a council candidate. I was asked the difficult question of what you do if your ward wants you to vote one way but the whip is a different ay. I said it would all depend on the issue. Afterwards I said that was not an easy one. A senior councillor said they knew I was able to I did not need easy balls only the odd googly to test me.
4th               Met Stephen Perks, leading English theonomists. He was to have Rushdoony over and I heard him. On the Sunday I had him preach at IPC and was criticised for it but was unrepentant. I was not a full theonomists but he was a great scholar.
7th               International food fair.
8th              David Barnes leading for Joe martin.
12th            Met with Zaki Badawi principal of the college training imams. He taught at Kano university. The only Muslim I have heard with a theology of how to live as a minority not at war with a non-islamic majority culture.
13th             Visied John Selwyn Gummer in his Wheiehall office., Dept of Environment. This was prior to him being a minister but he was an Ealing resident and I wanted his aid against the council. Debbie was in the same school form as his son Felix.Tea with Baroness Cox at the Lords.
15th              Discussing SACRE RE syllabus with dense bell who was to challenge the council legally with Christian Institute support.
16th              Larry preached.
19th              Meetings in Harley Street, Costons Conservatives and Twyford School.
20th              Parents evening Walford High.
22nd             Mark Kreitzer, South African and reformed stayed.
23rd              Alan Hosier led for Paul Clowney.
24th              Prayer at church flat.
I have names in the diary for various dates. Some people I remember who they are, others a mystery.
27th               House group.
30th               Larry led for me.
31st               IPC prayer meeting.

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