Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The changing world (150) Feb - Mar 89

Feb 1st Drastic hair and beard cut. At church with Larry. Sermon prep.
2nd       Chinese New Year meal at %@.Walford High governors.
3rd        Counting back up stock prior to tomorrow's stock take.
4th        Session before stock take.
5th        Elliott led. I preached.
6th        Twyford PTA.
8th        Baroness Cox education meeting at the Lords.
11th      Katy and Jonathan took David and Deb to Grantham meeting my father who took them north.
12th      To Lass IPC at Bohunt school.
16th       Costons ward conservatives.
17th       Visited Bedford.
19th        I led for Korean Rhee. Larry in evening. John staying.
20th        ENCA AGM Greenford hall.
21st        Alperton High governors.
22nd       Presbytery.
23rd        Costons conservatives.
25th        Gulas visiting.
26th        Alan Hosier led for Elliott in the morning, Gulas evening.
27th        Free Church federal Council.
28th        Gulas leave.
Mar 2nd Walford High governors.
4th          Session.
5th          I led for Elliott.
7th          Alperton governors.
8th         Lecturing at WEC. The former owners of Bulstrode were the Bruderhof. I got to know them at their next location, Robertsbridge, when I was locus at the local pharmacy.
11th        Presbyterian Association. Five Larson males to dinner.
12th        Elliott led for paul. John Corcoran and Chris Baddock to lunch.
17th        Michelsens to dinner.
18th        Joan Welch to dinner. Formerly in exclusive brethren.
19th        David Barnes led for Joe. me in evening.
24th        Procters to dinner.
26th       Paul led for Larry.

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