Monday, July 09, 2018

Diary w/e 7 Jul 2018

Sun 1 Jul

Gethin Jones excellent adult Sunday School on Paul and 1 Sam - the parallels. Chris Roberts very good on Pa103. Paul on Num 16 and then a farewell very for the Batusics of MTW returning to USA, Donald Smith to Scotland and Natalie staying to work locally. All have been church staff these last two years.

Mon 2 Jul

Heat in England is no problem usually but today I am feeling the 29C. Fifteen at our encouraging session meeting including men from our Liss and Ilford congregations as well as a new brother under care studying at Oak Hill.

Tue 3 Jul

3M breakfast; muesli, mango pulp and milk. To two banks to get appointments to register having power of attorney. Excellect U3A World religions on Judaism led by our two Jewish members, one orthodox turned secular and one liberal. History of the Jews. I corrected the dates of the captivity. Then varieties of Judaism, beliefs and practises. It is much more about community and life than discussing theology. Then I went on my pastoral visit.

Wed 4 Jul

At 6:30 am I realised I had double booked my morning - banks and U3A so had to reschedule the banks for U3A was here. Seven of us - a house divided - on Heathrow Airport. 25 members at monthly church prayer meeting.

Th 5 Jul

Lunch with the senior Littles. Finding more relatives on Ancestry. Now over 1700 on my tree.

Fri 6 Jul

To Trafalgar Square which was closed as preparations were made for London's Shame day (Not what the perverts call it). Nigerians started to assemble for 9:30 including COCIN's local Re Kefas. Banners aloft we marched to the High Commission. I, the only Englishman, gave a speech and was interviewed for TV. A delegation went into the High Commissioner and he sent a diplomat to address us. Back to Ealing I failed to get Barclays to register the power of attorney. One document mission. Thrilled Belgium 2 Brazil 1.. Now it is a European cup.

Sat 7 Jul

Minicab to Heathrow terminal 5 for BA to Inverness. Avis slow taking nearly two hours to get our Homda Jazz ready. Their charging for a second driver and insurance was worthy of Ryanair. Shopped for lunch at Tesco then ate baked overlooking the firth. On to the Back Isle where we found a pub showing the England game. After a comprehensive visor we went to find our B&B in central Inverness. Clean was the one good thing about a very cramped room with no breakfast but a kitchen to use. The room was hot and windowless. I enjoyed the food at a local chippy. Following 'when in Rome' I enjoyed haggis and chips.

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