Thursday, July 05, 2018

The changing world (151) Apr-May 89

Apr 12th I think this was when I asked my most embarrassing question ever in public. It was Twyford annual parents meeting. Elliott who was away put me up to this. I asked why the school was not prepared to teach the Christian view of chastity before and fidelity with marriage. The chairman as expected said it was because they had children from diverse families like single parent ones. This was the expected reply. So I countered asking was not the real reason that teachers could not teach the christian view without hypocrisy as some did not love it. The chairman feebly replied that the school, now Anglican, had inherited some teachers from when selection of teachers was by the local authority. When people tell me faith schools are sectarian I reply their problem is not teaching the faith whose name they rear.
15th  Meeting with parsons and other parents interested in co-operative parent teaching. We had withdrawn deb after a year of primary for she was a school refuser. We reckoned dyslexia. Youth mental health services were inadequate with long waiting lists. We went private to no avail. Counselling had to be deb on her own. She would not open up and the counsellor could not get her talking. No use at all. After a prolonged period of co-operative home schooling Deb was statement and admitted to the excellent day school, Fairley House in Quuensway which specialised in dyslexia. Classes were small. Most were boys for they are the ones whose dyslexia means disruptive behaviour.
16th  Larry led for Joe. I preached for Cambridge Presbyterians.
20th  Costons ward Conservatives.
22nd Raju led for Larry and I preached in the evening.
23rd Christina Addey from Ghana ate with us.
27th Free Church Federal Council
30th Joan Welsh to dinner. A violinist who buy accident bought the bow equivalent of a Stradivarius.
May 3rd Alperton High governors.
6th         Nigel and heather Williams of Care to dinner.
7th         I led for Paul Clowney and preached in the evening.
8th         Alperton governors.
10th       Parents Action Group committee.
13th       IPC session. Stocktaking. Costons Conservatives buffet supper in honour of harry Greenaway's ten years as our MP.
16th       Alperton governors
21st        Larry led for me and he was evening preacher.
28th        Alan Hosier led for raj Abraham
30th        Stan Munn serviced the old Peugeot. Local man worked at his mother in laws in the next road.

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