Monday, February 26, 2018

The changing world (47) Jul 76

July 1st Work on Old Testament TEE book. Prayer meeting.
2nd        God TEE at Gazum led by Rev Bitrus but no food or drink. In twelve years I ate and drank what was put before me, no questions asked. It included eating dog. Only once did I have the runs because I was unknowingly given unspoiled wall dater. I thank God for a cast iron digestion! And for parents who made me clean my plate whatever the food.
3rd           Failed to get to Bakin Kogi class by car due to rain. Depressing. Two American teachers to tea.
4th           With the Isaacs at the secondary school as they cerebrated the USA Bicentennial. So the ex-colonials honoured their originators with a dinner. Hugh preached later.
5th           In landrover to Rich class. No drinks. Welcomed at Daffo by Pastor and Joyce McQuone. Good food with local potatoes.
6th        Rev Joshua led Daffo TEE well. Cold. Rain.Glad of L/R 4WD on way tp Panama where Jill Joyce beat me at Scrabble.
7th  TEE Tapshin. Home on Honda. Hugh brought L/R.
8th  With Hugh to good class at Gidan Adamu. Road blocks still since the coup. Did prayer letter.
9th  TEE Kabwir went well followed by chicken and rice. Visit from David Carling. I was down. Katy made conversation. 
10th Hugh lot  Jos  Me Mban TEE in L/R. Stuck in mud and river. Saw heron flying with a snake in its beak.
11th Took boys to Hausa service
12th Hugh did not bring the post back. Tried to radio about it. We has short wave radio with the mission stations like Jos but not a phone in 12 years. When at Limakara we would check in daily by radio calling Molai.
13th Bokkos TEE. Frustrated when Hugh failed to bring post from Jos.
14th Duplicated TEE calenders at Zamko. Good Sabon Gida TEE. David tipd a scorpion out of a cardboard box and killed it. Heavy rain. Katy cutting stencils forTEE.
15th Too much rain to go to Gwari so did Kabwir TEE instead. Preparing TEE tests.
16th Good Bakin Kogi class. Beef and rice. To Jos and meeting with SIM’s Ernie about TEE books.
17th Vom for wedding of Pam Spendlove, pharmacist, and Eric Middleton, accountants. Reception Rockhaven. They were to have a severely hadicapped son who died when a toddler followed shortly by Pam from cancer. Eric remarried with a Yorkshire doctor.
18th CRC preacher, expository at Hillcrest. Hannah Kimber 3rd birthday party.
19th Picked up L/R Kabwir. To Mwari class. Stuck in grass covered road at Fadama. Boi overnight.
20th Boi class. Meat and rice.Tapshin TEE chicken and rice. From Kabwir to family at Jos by car. Family found to be with the Bulmers at Hillcrest.Chat with Aussie Kieth Black, formerly in Sudan until expelled.
21st TEE Association with Ernie, SIM and Sue Davies of CMS. Sue was to die in her forties breast cancer, refusing to finish her tour early to go home for treatment. A great missionary lady.
22nd Kabrir TEE teachers then home to Langtang.
23rd Langtang teachers Paul Baxter with his usual grumbly self.
24th Lagtang students TEE then Was class. Given a chicken. Beat Hugh at Scrabble. He died of cancer in Belfast, 2018.
26th Work on OT TEE book. No Zechariah cook because of rain. Bad excuse.
27th Editing OT TEE MS then Scrabble with Hugh the best matched of opponents.
28th Gagdi TEE in LR. Road badly eroded by rains. I took the class. Chicken and rice served.
29     Finished the OT book editing
30     Yelwa TEE . Given rice and four cokes. To Jos for a TEE editors meeting but found it cancelled. There overnight.

31     Editing with SIM’s Ernie. Looked after the Hillcrest hostel while Bulmers were out. Visited Dominys. 

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