Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fims seen in February 2018

1. Victoria & Abdul (DVD) Judi Dench (Actor),‎ Ali Fazal (Actor),‎ Stephen Frears (Director) 

I have seen this criticised as pro-Islam. It is very positive on Islam and lacking in Christianity. Would Victoria start a banquet with no grace? This smacks of the secularism in Downton Abbey where they never showed grace said. I do not believe Victoria's death bed was so bereft of Christian prayer. The Munshi was a delight. His friend was so loyal to him too. The court and Bertie were so prejudiced and wicked. Dench and Izzard were very good. Great cinematography. Captivating story. Most enjoyable despite the Islam. Do women wear burkas outside of Afghanistan? A very human queen and never mad though lonely.

2. Viceroy's House Hugh Bonneville (Actor),‎ Gillian Anderson (Actor),‎ Gurinder Chadha 

This is too horrible a subject for pleasant entertainment. The horrors of partition. Bonneville and Anderson brilliant. He took his promotion from Downton well. The part suits him. I  think the romantic interest was an overdone sub-plot. The politics of it seem realistic. Mountbatten was betrayed by those he was sent o represent.

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