Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The changing world (46) Jun 76

June 1st  More mobile known hospital. Alhaji Ahmadi in agony after his piles operation. He has brought his TV but the programmes are not up to much at all.
2nd   Dressing change less painful. Visits from Joyce McQuone, Bulleys, Christine potter and Peter Dominy.
3rd   Discharged to the great house where the family have been. Visits from Hugh Jones and Bentleys.
4th   Looked after Rachel while Katy took car into Jos for generator repair. Still weak at knee.
5th   Back to Langtang with Hugh Jones
6th   To Zamko to pickup Clark’s cook Zechariah who is to work for us.
7th   Editing TEE book on Old Testament introduction. Visit from Phylis Shorter and Elizabeth Burns.
9th   Kurgwi TEE with Hugh driving. Back via Bakin Ciyawa we stuck in mud. 
10th  Jos with Hugh and editing the OT Introduction with Ernie of SIM.
11th  Jos to Vom to Pankshin TEE led by Rev Joel. Vehicle had to be lifted out od a hole on way home.
12th  Piapung class. 14/14. No food but good book sales.
14th Garkawa class well led by Rev Daniel. 
15th Family and Hugh to Bokkos TEE then to stay at Gindiri. Supper with Birches.
16th Gave three talks at Pastors College on TEE. Dined at Birches then Bulls and Rev Luther’s.
17th Kabwir TEE class. Lunch with Gulas. Can leave bandage off the leg now.
18th Kwalla teasers at Bakin Kogi. Good discussion on predestination.
19th Tuttung class with Hugh and Amos from TCNN.
21st Mwari with Hugh over roads made difficult by erosion after rain. Stayed overnight.
22nd Mrari to Lusa where we were stuck in clay. Boi, Tapshin, Gindiri where we stayed after supper at Mathers.
23rd  Chat with Rev John Audu then rocky road Zango, Lere Gindiri. Chat with Wibberleys and supper at Drews.
24th  Kabwir teachers. Brought Dick Tyler to Langtang for two days.
25th Full class of Langtang teachers.
26th With family to Jos then with Hugh to Bauchi TEE and back to Jos.
27th  Disgusted by Rev Ezekiel at EKAN’s sermon on road safety. Greeted Koops of CRC. 
28th Back to Langtang. Rev Damina agrees I am travelling too much so I dropped going to Garga TEE tomorrow.
29th  Very tired so no study after lunch and no visit to class at Garga.

30th  Found morning very tired but some afternoon study

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