Sunday, February 04, 2018

Diary w/e 10 Feb 18

Sun 4 Feb

Good adult SS on why we eat and drink together, Gethin Jones top rate as ever.Excellent Levy sermon on the first four beatitudes. Be need to keep on defending on God, mourning for sin, meekly waiting on His vindication and seeking His righteous kingdom's coming. Wales won yesterday so back to rugby illustrations.

   We has a Portuguese/Brazilian church family to lunch. They have moved from Northolt to Hanwell. Most unusual to find someone can afford to move nearer to the church. We could not.
   Roast chicken bought for lunch as the pork I put in the oven had not been switched on to roast. Chis Roberts was excellent in the evening on Ps 139:1-6, God knows. The I presided at the Lord's Table.

Mon 5 Feb

Fourth tooth extraction went well at Ealing Hospital. A most frustrating waste of at least a couple of hours failing to unlock my mobile for insertion of a new SIM. But the good news is curtains fitted to four rooms for the first time so now we are in the light.

After failure to unlock my ancient Nokia to take a Sky SIM I now, thanks to Debbie, have an iPhone 5 but with little idea how to use it.

Tues 5 Feb

Lively U3A current affairs on Iran. Our Czech member has a natural inclination to go off topic with some daft things too. e.g. the Queen is a supreme leader like those of Iran and N Korea. 'Rot' , I expostulated.

Wed 7 Feb

Encouraging monthly IPC Prayer Meeting led by Chris Roberts for Paul Levy is in Belfast speaking at their CU mission. Sorting family photos dating back to at least 1889.

Thur 8 Feb

My first weekly Ealing U3A meeting for many months was not encouraging. A retired archivist on Ramsey MacDonald. All personal nothing political. Very poor IMO and the place was cold. Lunch at Pillars Restaurant the catering school of the University of West London. High standard. Exceptional value.

Fri 9 Feb

I have been gifted a copy by the author. He liked a review I did of another historical novel so wants me to review. I intend to read en route to California on Thursday DV. The is the second time an author has asked me. The first was a Nigerian's biography.

1066: What Fates Impose by G. K. Holloway  (Author)
Third injection into left eye went well. Two and a half hours in OPD. Cecilia my favourite nurse injected me while we conversed in Hausa with translation for her Philippine colleague. Other staff from Goa and Ukraine.
Injection into eye, minimal pain but sore and watery now, lubricant drops hourly today.
Enjoyed Compassion Service Society of India curry evening, Hounslow.

Sat 10 Feb

Full marks to Debbie and Katy for at last packing all we moved from Lee Road shed and greenhouse into our new smaller shed. These things had been under tarpaulin on the patio since our October move. Cheered by England's win over Wales at Twickenham. Wretched hacker messed me up on Facebook spamming my friends. Love your enemies, yes. But for hackers I am looking up imprecatory Psalms.

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