Saturday, February 17, 2018

The changing world (43) Mar 76

Mar 1st  Kabwir to Mwari teachers’ meeting. To Jos via Kabwir and Vom. 
2nd        Bible School Committee in Jos. To Katy at Vom   .
3rd         Took Katy back to Langtang.
4th          Kabwir TEE teachers. Photographed grave of Rev Lloyd from Newport, pioneer Anglican there. I have a plate of Newport Castle which I presume he brought out.
5th         Langtang TEE teachers’ meeting. Sold many books. Dimka, murderer of Murtala apprehended.
6th         On Honda to Marti TEE via Boi. Tough ride. Back to Langtang.
7th         Brought American teachers to Hausa service. Preached in English in afternoon.
8th         Mban class in Zamko landrover on bad road. Given bananas and mangos.
9th         Tuttung class. Unusually not given food or drink. 
10th       Sabon Gida classs. Given yams and bananas. Greeted water driplers at Yelwa.
11th       Long journey to Bokkos class. Plateu cold and cloudy. Langtang hot and sticky. Theirty plotters executed in Lagos. The first relatives knew was seeing executions on TV.
12th       Bakin Rijiya, Was class. Katy upset at my many travels away.
13th       Road blocks still with soldiers saying it was a Plateau coup. Dimka was Ngas but exiled Gowon was accused and stripped of rank and pension. He did a PhD in Warwick, settled in N London and served as a church warden. Years later he was reinstated and the new Jos airport named in his honour.
14th       Once again brought the secondary teachers to Hausa service and translated for them
15th        Richa class then Daffo and Kwalla. Chat with Joyce McQuone at Panama,
16th       Daffo class. Slept in church vestry Tapshin. Heard Harold Wilson resigned from premier. No-One knew why but years later it was because he saw signs of the dementia which ran in the family. Later events proved him right. The last Labour leader I supported.
17th      Tapshin class. Very hospitable. Katy a bit easyer about my travels.
18th      Kurgwi class in Landrover.Carried yams back.
19th      Tafawa Balewa classs. Stayed with pastor who had been to the Emir of Bauchi with a dispute over butchers. They would be Muslims, the locals not. They are building a church with local stone not mud bricks. This is Sayawa country. They still resent the fact that the British put them under the Bauchi Hausa rulers.
20th   Bauchi class overnight  pastor’s home 
21st    Preached to mainly young people at Bauchi. Two lunches, one Nigerian, one European.
22nd   Mrai class on Honda. Then Kabwir where Katy and the children spend the weekend.
23rd    Bokkos class. Took family back to Langtang where the church convention has started.
24th    Class at Pie. Given a chicken. Selling books at convention. Ten to supper including Jill Joy, Peter clark, Keith Black, Bitrus Pam and Joseph Jibi.
25th   Took class at Kabwir.
26th   Kwalla  in landcover. Overnight  there after Bakin Ciyawa class.
27th   Kwalla class. Home to Langtang where convention has ended.
28th   Very tired in hot and sticky weather relieved a little by nearby rain.
29th   Mwari teachers. Still very tired. Stayed overnight.
30th  . Boi class. To Kabwir feeling weak. Stayed overnight.

31st    Home to longhand after Kabwir class and pleased with the arrival of a new fridge.

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