Saturday, February 03, 2018

Diary w/e 3 Feb 18

Sun 28 Jan 18

Worshipped in Cambridge, Queen Edith Chapel where our son Jonathan and family are now in fellowship. It was a fine evangelical service, innovative and contemporary. Most songs were new to us and I was particularly struck by the opening one based on Job's confession, 'Blessed be the name of the Lord'. The music was well done. It was a baptismal service. The teenager being baptised gave lengthy testimony after some dramatic interludes in the service explaining what baptism is not, including not washing away sins, a denial which is surprising to me. Now on reflection I perceive that what was missing from the teaching here on baptism was that it was all about witnessing to the faith of the believer and nothing at all about anything supernaturally done by God in a sacrament.The chapel name led me to search out Qeen Edith and I was surprised what I found and how little she is known Our lunch and the rest of the day was with the Burroughs, our daughter in laws parents.

Mon 29 Jan 18

My right leg is still in compression bandaging but not for too long now as the ulcers have healed and the lymphoedema of nearly twenty years has gone. I also have put on my old suit for a funeral and am pleased I can now fit into what is about 25 years old. Not worn for about fifteen years.
   To Hounslow West for the funeral of an elder there, David Biddiscombe whose son I had not seen for eighteen years. I never met the deceased but I am always ready to go and grieve with those who grieve and rejoice in sure and certain hope of resurrection.

Tues 30 Jan

Gethin Jones good at Ealing Lunchtime talk on Gen 6-9, judgement and salvation. Good point on creation's waters which were divided now united in the flood. Shemites are Semites who have the tent of salvation into which Japhethites = Gentiles will come. Made a pastoral visit then to cardiology nurse who is pleased with my state of health. Cooking chicken curry. Fell asleep and woke up in the chair thinking I had been to bed. Then realised I was fully clothed so had never been to bed and Katy had come in from her music group and my sleep had been so sound I never heard her ring the bell. Very odd.

Wed 31 Jan

Much in prayer for mu friend Dennis undergoing surgery in California. Reduced the price of my Sky TV with an 18 month contract - £36 less a month with the loss of some not needed channels. Also switched my mobile to Sky from Virgin saving £7 monthly. Podiatry at Greenford Green. A pleasant surprise to be treated by the excellent Paul from the Philippine who looked after me well a year ago in Mattock Lane. Led out house group on 1 Sam 10 - God shows Israel that Saul is his choice for king if they must have one.

Thur 1 Feb

Greenford lunchtime talks. Once again Paul levy did a dry run for his forthcoming Belfast CU mission week. Mark 8 What are we here for - to deny self, take up the cross, follow Jesus.

Fri 2 Feb

Managed four medical appointments at two clinics this morning. Blood test for the anticoagulants, nurse check-up, echo cardiogram then ECG and halter heart monitor arranged for the next 24 hours - with instruction not to stand in front of the microwave. My evening cooking was a hearty soup on the stove. Lentil curry with tomato. I do not usually enthuse one vegetarian dishes but will blow my own trumpet over this one.

Sat 3 Feb
Tonight were out at a quiz evening at Gunnersbury Baptist. Given the venue I hoped for a less secular quiz. Religion in general and bible in particular is my strong suit. We did have a Bible round with our table getting full marks there. And the quiz was not dumbed down much to popular culture so a decent quiz. One member of our team was the mother of Milton Jones the comedian. I had heard before that he is a Christian.

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