Thursday, February 01, 2018

The changing world (42) Feb 76

Feb 1 At home in sticky Langtang.
2nd  To Mwari TEE. 103 students, 9 teachers, full attendance. Surprised by rain on what back
3rd Seven new states created. Benue Plateau is no more. We are now Plateau State. Rain in the night. Visits by Gills, Eric Middleton and Pam Spendlove.
4th New house help no very good.
5th Kabwir TEE teachers. Visit by Alan White and Jim Hamilton. Jim from Belfast. Women's fellowship annual meetings.
6th Langtang TEE started. Visited Wase over very corrugated unsurfaced road.
7th Took visitors to Kwalla in landrover.
8th Visitors preaching.
9th Took visitors to Jos via Panama, Mangu and Gindiri.
10th Duplicating test papers for our 1300 students. probably the world's biggest TEE programme. 12th Supper with Assistant District Officer.
13th Murtala Mohammed murdered in Lagos in failed coup.
14th To Pyapun via Shendam. 10 student out of 15 present.
65th Hinda to Panama. Fell hard near Bokkos. 14 there out of 16. Capable Pastor Dauda. To Boi overnight.
16th Boi TEE started. 13/15 there under Evangelist Iliya (Elijah).
18th Another village for TEE. back to sticky Langtang.
19th Gidan Adamu TEE 14/15. Campus Crusade have put some American teachers in the secondary school They came to eat. Isaak family, Ronda fritz and Sue Tibbles.
20th Pankshin TEE 10/15. Sold many books.
21st Jonathan vomiting prevented Katy going handover meeting at Gindiri. We are now under the church, inter-church workers. Amper TEE 13/15.
22nd I translated the hausa service for the new Americans.
23rd To Panama, Bokkos. Rain made road slippery. Mushere TEE. Bokkos. Panama. Langtang.
24th Tutting via Pic. Dengi. Amper. Langtang on a Honda leaking oil.
25th Zamko. Oil TEE only 6/15.
26th Rain.
27th Katy and children to Vom via Kabwir. I went to Kwalla. Two military road blocks. TEE 8/9. Stayed overnight and unusually no food brought for me. Road blocks policed by southerners so Hausa no help. They were troublesome asking forces to be opened by ladies and sanitary wear questioned. Some mission houses searched in Kabwir, an unprecedented intrusion but the murderer of the head of state was from this area.
28th baking Ciyawa. 14/15 TEE. Shendam Langtang. Overnight Kabwir.

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