Thursday, September 07, 2017

"Today in Church History" Sept. 6, 1620

Today we remember an important date in American church history. On this day in 1620, a group of people left Plymouth, England, and sailed for the new world. 
On the Mayflower were 101 passengers and 43 crew members. Around 35 of the passengers were separatist.They separated themselves from the Church of England. Later the people on the Mayflower would be called Pilgrims. 
When I was a young boy, the teachers in my school often made this statement. "The Pilgrims came to America to find religious freedom. They wanted to worship God in their own way."
That statement is a little off target. The Pilgrims were not seeking freedom to worship God in their own way. They were seeking the freedom to worship God according to teachings of the Bible.
I admire the Pilgrims for taking the time to study the theology of worship. God has revealed in His Word how He wants us to worship Him. If we took the time to investigate the theology of worship from the Bible, perhaps there would be fewer fights over church music. SDG
Pastor Dan Korzep

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