Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The four ways to look at the E.U.

In recent times nothing has raised political passions in UK as much as Brexit. I observe four kinds of people. The first two have in common their votes are cast on the basis of ideology.

1. Brexiters. I cannot speak for all but I voted Brexit because I have always opposed being ruled by a foreign power which could override our common law heritage. We were undemocratically taken into the Common Market by traitor Heath and the other contemporary parties who lying through their teeth told sit was all about economics, not political involvement. They knew it was a lie and gave the electorate no choice.

2. Remoaners - the ideological remoaners, like Cable, want a re-run of the referendum because they are not democrats. Their basic ideology is for us to be subsumed into a federal E.U.  If you gave me the choice between a federal E.U. and being part of the U.S. I should choose the latter on the basis of a common cultural heritage no/t shared by the E.U. lot.

3. The economic pundits - Brexit is doom and gloom. Trade will suffer. Jobs will be lost. The pound decline. They have their crystal balls and perhaps tarot cards and astrologers with all the accuracy of economists.

4. The indifferent. - The non-voters. I shall ignore them as they ignored the most important vote in my lifetime. They did not speak and now should keep silent.

Most of my family are 1.  A minority are 3 and 4.

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